Thai Massage
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Thai Massage                                       - Coconut Oil + $ 5  with any massage
Combination                                         - Eucalyptus Oil + $ 5  with any massage
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue
Foot Massage                                        Male Therapists Available!!!
  1. Thai Massage. $ 40 /hr. ( 60 min )
    Tradition Thai Massage fluidly blends gentle rocking, rhythmic acupressure and stretches. Release tension and stress revitalize body mind.
  2. Swedish Massage $ 50 / hr. ( 60 min )
    Swedish massage is a gentle oil massage that soothing strokes and manipulations are designed to relax muscles, improve the flow and blood, and relieve tension and stimulating the immune system.
  3. Combination $ 50 / hr. ( 60 min )
    This massage combination Swedish massage on the upper body and Thai massage on the lower body and back walking on request.
  4. Deep Tissue $ 55 / hr. ( 60 min )
    Deep Tissue massage technique that focuses on the deeper layer of muscle tissue. Release chronic patterns tension in the body through long slow strokes.
  5. Pregnancy Massage $ 50 / hr. ( 60 min )
    Can be very helpful in treating back muscles that become sore and tense as they counter the extra weight in the abdominal area.
  6. Foot Massage $ 40 / hr. ( 60 min )
    Foot massage it helps improve blood circulation, helps relieve stress and fatigue.
  Swedish Massage ( Classic Massage ) Incorporates long, flowing,
Light to medium pressure strokes to aid in cirulation,
joint stiffness, andimproving overall functions of body 
    While creating a sense of well being.

  A  Deeper pressure is designed & strategically incorporated to manipulate the muscle
and connective tissue below the surface. The slower, deeper pressure can release
tension to the deep layers of tissue aiding in range of motion, decreasing inflammation,
​improving circulation, and can aid in relief from muscle pain.
     Deep Tissue

The Tranquility Nook Pollcy

* In Consideration of your therapist and other clients, Please plan accordingly and be on time when you have a
scheduled sppointment. A phone call is always apppreciated If you are going to be late or if you need to cancel your session.
           * Draping is a must and not an option. It is our strict policy to use draping ( towels ) with each and every massage.
          * Inappropriate sexual remarks, requests, or your massage session and no refunds will be given.
         * Under certain conditions, massage may not be advised. ( for example, when a fever or flu-like symptoms are present,
  these are signs of infection. ) A massage could be potentially harmful to your health. The therapist has the right to  
  decline to do the massage.
        * Gift Certificates are non-refudable and Expire 90 days From date of purchase. They must be presented at time of      session. Lost or stolen certificates are not accounted for.
                    You opinion is highly valued to us. Feedback is always encouraged after your treatment. OPen communication
 increases your satisfaction.    
​                                                                                                                                                             THANK YOU!