Welcome to
Tranquility Nook Thai Massge

 Come for Thai, Ancient Thailand style. Stay for a treatment from our extensive selection of moderm, Thai massage.
   Services Return often. The tranquility Nook Thai Massge offers ultimate relaxation and 
 restoration Open 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.  7  a  week.
    We be here for 13 years. we aer in  Los Angeles.  ( Eagle Rock )
            We have Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Combination Massage,  Deep Tissue and
  Foot Massage, Pregnancy.
             PARKING  AVAILABLE  NEXT To The Shop at The Comfort Inn. Hotel
   We have contract with them for PARKING.
Specials Massage
  1. Thai Massage $ 40 / hr.
    Thai massage is a therapeutic massage and traditional for relieving stress and tension, and for the treatment of body aches and pains.
  2. Swedish $ 50 / hr.
    ( Classic Massage ) Incorporates long, flowing, light to medium pressure strokes to aid in circulation, joint stiffness, and improving overall functions of body while creating a sense of well being.
  3. Combination $ 50 / hr.
    The best of both worlds, If you feel stressed and tired, and you need to get your energy back, try our Combination massage. Half Thai Half Swedish.
  4. Deep Tissue $ 55 /hr.
    A deeper pressure is designed & strategically incorporated to manipulate the muscles and connective tissues below the surface. The slower, deeper pressure can release tension to the deep layers of tissue aiding in range of motion, decreasing inflammation, improving circulation, and can aid in relief from muscle pain.
  5. Foot Massage $ 40 / hr.
    Top 5 Health Benefits of Foot massage * It helps relieve pain. * It helps improve blood circulation. * It is really rejuvenation. * It improves symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis. * It helps relieve stress and fatigue.
  6. Specials Massage
    Early Bird Special monday thrugh friday only 9: 00 am to 2:00 pm. Get $ 40 For Ever Massage. Except: Deep Tissue and Thai Deep. Monday through Friday Only